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You’ve lost your bitcoin.The Bitcoin transaction confirmed, but isn’t showing up on bitcoin mixer. Will you ever see your bitcoins again? How can you check on the status of your transaction? What if nothing happens and you lose your money?

These are some of the common thoughts when you send bitcoin to a bitcoin mixer and the coins don’t show up right away. In the event your coins do go missing, or if you’re concerned about a transaction, here’s what to do:

Check progress in your Bitcoin client

If you’ve sent coins to a bitcoin mixer and they haven’t shown up, the first thing you should do is check the progress of your transaction. Using the Bitcoin client you sent from, or using a blockexplorer like Many mixing services will not add the coins to your account until it has more than one blockchain confirmation.

Check the details of the transaction. If there have not been any confirmations, or if there are only one or two, give it a bit more time. The Bitcoin network can sometimes be slow, and transactions can take up to an hour before they are fully confirmed.

Check the address you sent to

If your transaction has been confirmed multiple times, but the coins are still not showing up. Check the deposit address given to you by the mixing service, and make sure it matches the one you used. If it doesn’t match, chances are you used a different address. That you might have accidentally copied. If it does match, but the coins aren’t showing, then there are two possible reasons for this:

Check the URL
One reason your coins might not be showing up, is if you have used a phishing website. This is a website that is designed to look like the service you meant to use, but which will steal your coins. If the URL in your browser is different to the URL you know for the service, then this is the most probably cause for your coins going missing, and there is very little you can do about it.

To be certain that you don’t fall victim to phishing websites, it is recommended that you only follow official bitcoin mixer URLs listed here: Official Trusted Bitcoin Mixer Urls

Contact support
If the address is accurate, the transaction has been confirmed and the URL is correct, but your coins are still missing, then there could be a problem or delay on the mixing service’s end. Contact their support and see if they can fix it for you.


We’ve now covered all of the basics involving Bitcoin Mixing. But protecting your anonymity is never a cut-n-paste job, and there are always extra precautions you can take!

To help you on your way, here are a few final hints and tips to help you stay anonymous and safe while using Bitcoin:

  • Make sure your Bitcoin wallet is configured to run over Tor. This prevents people from connecting your transactions to your IP address!
  • Keep your eye out for phishing websites. Phishing websites are websites that replicate genuine services, but are designed to steal your Bitcoin and collect information.

For example, if you accidentally use a Phishing website that is designed to look like a genuine mixer, you might end up sending your coins to cyber criminals instead, as well as sharing your login details. You can avoid phishing websites by keeping a record of the genuine URLs that you know to be correct, and then checking this address is correct before logging in or depositing coins.

For a complete list of official trusted bitcoin mixers services, visit:

  • Use Tails, or Qubes + Whonix. This makes your Tor browsing extra secure and further protects your anonymity.


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