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The way a Bitcoin mixers or tumbler works, is by giving the user new bitcoins that have 0% taint to the original coins. “Taint”, in this context, simply means the connection the new coins have to the original coins.

When the user deposits their coins to the mixing service, these coins are then moved into the mixer, and when they withdraw coins they receive new coins randomly from the large stash. At some point down the line new coins are moved into the large stash.

Using bitcoin mixers to achieve maximum anonymity

Traditional bitcoin mixers tend to offer additional features to further protect their users anonymity. These are often optional, but you should always use them where possible, as they will help you protect your anonymity more than simply exchanging your coins for new coins. This is because even if you remove the taint, somebody with their heart set on tracking you can use logical deduction to guess where your transactions are leading.

These additional features include:

  • Randomized Service Fee- Somebody keen to find out where a transaction goes may know that Mixer X charges a flat 2% fee, and therefore will look for another transaction further on in the Blockchain that contains the amount they wish to track, minus 2%. This is far more difficult when the service fee is randomized and unpredictable.
  • Randomized Delay- A randomized delay makes it difficult for somebody to logically conclude where the original transaction has gone. If the mix occurs instantly, all they have to do is watch the next few transactions. After the initial deposit to find out where a similar amount has popped out. With a randomized delay, they could be waiting hours or even days, which leaves lots of time for similar transactions to occur.
  • Multiple Withdrawals- Some mixers send the new coins via multiple transactions and to multiple addresses. This again helps prevent trackers from putting two and two together to see where the next logical step in the chain might be.

Best Bitcoin Mixing Services

There are many Bitcoin Mixing services to choose from, both on the Darknet and the Clearnet. There are benefits and drawbacks of each. For a detailed comparison of the most trusted bitcoin mixer services

Clearnet Mixers

If your aim is to simply prevent criminals from tracking you down, or to stop people snooping on your spending activity, and providing you are not using Bitcoin for anything illegal, then there is nothing wrong with using a Clearnet mixing service. In fact, you might even find that a Clearnet service, in this instance, is a better option. If they are a registered, legitimate business – they will have legal obligations to protect your information. This makes you less likely to fall victim to a pop-up shop that simply aims to run away with your deposit.

Top Clearnet Bitcoin Mixers

BTCBlender In business since 2014 and very well known for low fees and a fast, hassle free mix cycle. Their system does a very good job at ensuring “taint free” coins. They also offer both tandom delay and multiple output address features. The interface is user friendly, and they also offer an onion URL for tor users.

Official URL:

ChipMixer Chipmixer has been in business for several years and works a bit differently that other bitcoin mixers. When you deposit your bitcoin to their system, you’re given several increments of the deposited value. These are called “chips.” You can split, mix and merge them into different increments and withdraw them to your desired bitcoin wallet.

ChipMixer also allows the option to export private keys, allowing you to import your chips locally. These chips are bitcoins that have already been purchased, so there will be no blockchain association with your original bitcoin.

Official URL:

There are many other bitcoin mixers to choose from. For a complete list of  Top Bitcoin Mixers, visit: Top Bitcoin Mixers 

Note: It’s important to always double check the URL of the bitcoin mixer you intend on using. There are a number of scam and phishing sites, be sure that you only use the official links listed above.

Top Tor Onion Bitcoin Mixers

A legitimate clearnet bitcoin mixer could be subject to a court order to release details of customers, meaning that if Law Enforcement has a reason to suspect shady dealings. From there, it’s as simple as them to forcing your information out of the mixing service. Of course, you might still be able to achieve anonymity with the help of Tor or a VPN, but it becomes a much more complicated process.

To ensure that there’s as little trace possible leading back to you, you’re better off with a Darknet bitcoin mixer.

For an updated list of Tor Bitcoin Mixers, visit: Darkweb Bitcoin Mixers 

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