Bitloader allows it’s customers to cash out bitcoin anonymously at any ATM in the world. Cashing bitcoin out anonymously can be a difficult process. Many bitcoin exchanges and third party services require a ton of information prior to withdrawing funds. For privacy concerned individuals, this can be a major inconvenience.

After having a chat with a client the other day, who had been searching for anonymous bitpay accounts on the deep web, I decided to do some digging.

What I found was a service that gave users a virtual mastercard, that can be loaded via bitcoin / bitcoin cash. The service seemed to be reputable based on my findings. The site is, and after testing it several times and ordering my own card, I decided it was worth making mention of here on the blog. is a company based out of the EU. The provide users several tools that make obfuscating and anonymizing bitcoin quite simple. In addition, they offer users a free virtual mastercard, which seemed to work fine on amazon, Paypal, Facebook and many other major ecommerce sites as well.

You can load cryptocurrency to your balance, mix it. You can even withdraw it into monero, btc, bch, litecoin, ect. They also offer a virtual mastercard that can be used to spend the funds online.

If you’re moving illicit funds around, you can also use their internal bitcoin mixer to obfuscate your blockchain activity.

Additionally, you can order a physical mastercard that works at any ATM in the world. A partner of mine turned me on to this company some time ago, as a bitpay competitor geared towards the deeper side of the web.

Bitloader Deep Web Address:



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