darkweb bitcoin mixers

Using darkweb bitcoin mixers through Tor improves your anonymity by encrypting your requests and bouncing them around multiple computers. This makes it very difficult to trace where your request originated from, and obscuring your activity. Darkweb bitcoin mixers improve anonymity because of the tor network.

With a Clearnet mixer, you’re making it much easier for a person with the right tools to unmask you. More specifically, you open yourself up to scrutiny from Law Enforcement Agencies. A legitimate online business could be subject to a court order to release details of customers, meaning that if Law Enforcement has a reason to suspect shady dealings. Then, it is within the realm of possibility for them to force your information out of the mixing service. Of course, you might still be able to achieve anonymity with the help of Tor or a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but it becomes a much more complicated process.

Darkweb Bitcoin Mixers

If you are serious about making sure there is as little trace as possible leading back to your identity, then you are probably better opting for a Darknet mixing service that is hosted within the Tor network.

Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer

Link: http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion/

Dream Market Bitcoin Mixer

Link:  http://mixdrbd2mlg5oztv.onion/


Link: http://blndr4azr2dizj2c.onion/


Link: http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/

Helix Remix

Link: http://bitblndfpglsj63w.onion/

If you must use a Clearnet mixing service, make sure you use Tor or a VPN. For maximum anonymity, always mix coins when sending to or from a marketplace or exchange.

For a comprehensive, updated list of trusted clearnet bitcoin mixers: Top Bitcoin Mixers


  1. is there a benefit to switching up bitcoin mixers everytime? i constantly just use that first btcblender you have listed and havent had any trouble but lately i have been making lot of money and paranoid so want to improve my privacy in anyway possible

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