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Dream Market has been long overdue for a bitcoin tumbler system upgrade. Over the past several months their internal bitcoin tumbler has ran slow and been unavailable at times. The strain was clearly caused by hosting multiple moving scripts on one server. We asked and they listened. In this article, we will be reviewing the all new and improved Dream bitcoin mixer.

Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler Overview

The dream bitcoin mixer is a service that’s available to both Dream Market users, as well as the general public. Each mix costs the user a small fee of .5-2% which most will agree is extremely reasonable considering the nature of their service.

This fee is randomly generated each time the page loads, so you can refresh the page until you get the fee that you want.

dream market bitcoin tumbler


Dream Market bitcoin mixer offers several advanced features to further strengthen user privacy. For example, they offer the option to output clean coins to multiple wallet addresses. By sending clean coins to multiple wallets, you further confuse anyone tracking your blockchain activity. In addition, Dream Mixer also offers a randomized time delay.


The benefits of using the Dream bitcoin mixer are that they mask and completely eliminate the chances of being tracked on the blockchain. Whether your bitcoins are sent or received from dark web markets, gambling sites, or even if they are stolen or obtained fraudulently- the dream bitcoin mixer removes those ties.


After testing the new system multiple times, it’s clear that the Dream mixer is operating at peak efficiency. As promised, the bitcoin transaction appeared just seconds after it’s first confirmation, and the clean bitcoin was received just moments after being received by the mixer. We checked the taint analysis on the bitcoin to ensure it was infact, new- and sure enough, it was.

Additionally, after rigorously tested their random time delay feature, and it performed just as well; making the deposits randomly within the specified time frame in incremental amounts. This feature is particularly important for avoiding Time Based Blockchain Analysis.


In conclusion, we highly recommend the Dream bitcoin mixer for added security. Particularly if you’re sending or receiving illicit BTC to exchanges or wallets tied to your real name. Unlike many other bitcoin mixers, the Dream bitcoin mixer is accessible only via Tor browser.

To access the Dream Mixer (using Tor Browser) visit:




    1. I was wondering this too. From what I read they’re transitioning to the new mixer slowly, and still supporting the legacy tumbler for those with btc in their account. Hope this helps!

  1. I just used Dream mixer with .004 (their stated minimum) and it worked great. This is awesome because I always have these small amounts sitting around i cant mix because of the minimums of other services.. A+ dream!

  2. I love Dream. This is probably my favorite new mixer. I tested it with .004, .01, and .05 all came through perfect!

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