how to mix bitcoin

In this article, we will be outlining how to mix bitcoin and achieve the best level of anonymity online. In order to maintain the best level of anonymity, you should mix your bitcoins each time you are going to be sending or receiving them to or from a new source.

How To Mix Bitcoin

For example, when you first purchase bitcoin using cash, you should mix them before you spend them anywhere. This way there is no connection between the coins you purchased and the transaction you made. Making you tied to potentially illicit activity or stolen funds.  Another example might be that when it comes time to sell your coins, you would mix them before doing so. This way there is no way for the buyer to trace where your coins came from in the first place.

I am going to use a more specific example now to show you how to mix bitcoin properly. Let’s use an example of activity that is considered illegal in many parts of the world, and assume you wish to purchase drugs online, via a DarkNet market, using Bitcoin. Let’s also assume that the cost of your purchase turns out to be lower than you expected, leaving you with change:

  • Purchase your coins with cash (ideally) or through a semi-anonymous exchange
  • Mix your bitcoins using a dedicated bitcoin mixer or multiple secure, anonymous diy methods.
  • Deposit the “clean” coins to your Darknet market of choice
  • When you withdraw your change balance from your darkweb wallet, you’ll send it to a new, unused wallet
  • Mix your bitcoins using a dedicated bitcoin mixer (ideally a different one than previous)
  • Sell your “clean” coins in cash (ideally) or spend them however you wish..

If we remove the mixing aspects of these two processes, then anybody with the right knowledge and tools would be able to see that where you spent your coins, or who you sold them to. This information could be used to identify you, your Bitcoin balance, or your purchases.  For more information on bitcoin mixers, read Bitcoin Mixer Services


  1. Ive been using BitBlendr onion service on http://Bitblndfpglsj63w.onion/ to mix my bitcoin but the fees have been ridiculous when i am doing ~$10,000 USD a month. is it really necessary to mix the bitcoins after receiving them from Dream Market? Or can we get a discount high volume mixer.


    1. broo the fees are like 1 to 3% maximum.. so at most you lose $300 a month. what are your profit margins? dont be a fuckin tool. pay the toll or goto jail

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