remove taint from bitcoin

To ensure full privacy, it’s important to remove taint from bitcoin with a bitcoin mixer. However, it’s important to verify the bitcoin mixer removed all taint to be sure. If you blindly trust a bitcoin mixer to remove 100% taint, then you are putting your anonymity into another person’s hands. If their service does not do what it claims to do, then your identity could be compromised!

how to Remove taint from bitcoin with a bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixers are third party services that exchange your bitcoin for other users bitcoin. The process of exchanging coins removes the link between your previous transaction history. This is an extremely effective way to ensure maximum privacy and keep yourself anonymous.

When using a mixing service, it is good practice to manually check whether 100% of taint has been removed. That way, you can double mix them or take additional action if necessary. Here is the most simple way verify taint removal:

  • Visit https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/ or
  • Enter the address where you received your new coins
  • Under “Tools”, visit the “Taint Analysis” page

Here, you will see a complete list of addresses associated with the new coins that you have received. If you can find the address where you sent the old coins to on this list, then it means there is still some taint remaining. The number next to the address will tell you the percentage of taint that remains – the higher this number, the more strongly associated the two addresses are.

You should complete this process at least the first few times you use a new mixing service, so that you can be sure they are consistently removing the taint from your transactions. It is also worth doing spot-checks every so often, for as long as you continue using their service.


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