tainted bitcoin

When sending tainted bitcoin to a wallet associated with your real identity, you could be putting yourself at rick. Tainted bitcoins can be mixed (or tumbled) to remove and disassociate ones self from its blockchain history. Bitcoin mixers serves as the middle man in the transaction. Early on, there wasn’t bitcoin cash, ethereum, etc. Now, it’s important to not only tumble bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash.

Tainted bitcoin could expose your identity

The best way to remove taint from your bitcoin, is to use a bitcoin mixer such as bestmixer. Bestmixer takes your tainted coins (btc, bch) and exchanges them for the same amount, then sending those coins to a new, dis associated wallet. During the process, you will effectively anonymize the history of your bitcoin.

What is the best bitcoin mixer?

There are a number of bitcoin mixers (also called tumblers) to choose from. However, it is important that you follow a few simple rules before attempting to mix tainted bitcoin for the first time. Always use a reputable service, and follow only trusted links. Bestmixer.se is one that I use often, it has a Tor address as well. Tor is recommended because there’s no true logs being kept on the onion network. Their clear net domain name acts as a portal to their official .onion address. We’ve also created a list for your convenience, top bitcoin mixers 2019.

At the end of things, if privacy truly matters to you this article will not be taken lightly. Taking proper precautions to safeguard your name is the only way to maintain anonymity.


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