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Bitcoin mixers (aka tumblers)  conceal where your bitcoin came from. This makes your blockchain trail much harder to follow. Bitcoin mixing or tumbling is the process of exchanging your Bitcoin balance for an equal (or similar) amount from a different source. But why mix bitcoin? Many “criminals” and “innocent people” alike – regularly use bitcoin mixers to periodically exchange their old coins for new coins. These new coins can’t be associated with the original owner.

It’s commonly speculated that mixing bitcoin is only for people who are using them for illegal activity. Although it is true that you should always mix your Bitcoin when using them for illegal activity (and want to avoid getting caught). There are many other reasons why you might want to mix your bitcoin.

Why Mix Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an excellent way to make purchases, donations, and p2p payments, without using banks. This makes it an attractive way to pay for goods and services across a whole spectrum of interests. However, all Bitcoin activities are recorded and made available publicly via the blockchain. Blockchain is a comprehensive database that keeps a record of all bitcoin transactions. This is the reason why mix bitcoin. Meaning that when someone uses bitcoin to pay for goods and services-they make themselves vulnerable to monitoring/analysis by any interested 3rd party.

Anybody who is ever involved in a transaction with you could identify your wallet addressescan then monitor the balance at any given time. They could also find out where you’re sending coins to and from. This could not only be an unnecessary intrusion on your privacy, but could make you the target of cybercriminals who might be tempted to track you (and your Bitcoin) down.

To find out more about how people track Bitcoin transactions, and the kind of people who might want to track you down, read more on Blockchain Analysis

Mixing bitcoin is a great way to cover your tracks, and make bitcoin transactions impossible to follow. This protects you against criminals, nosey parkers, and law enforcement.

How To Mix Bitcoin

Mixing Bitcoin is a fairly simple process. There’s much more information about different mixing services, extra precautions you can take in Bitcoin Mixers

The most best way to mix bitcoin is to run them through a dedicated Bitcoin mixing service. There are plenty of these around – some of them exist on the clearnet, and there are many on the darknet, as well.


For example, let’s assume “Adriana” wants to make a purchase on a deep web market. Obviously,  she wants to make sure that the bitcoin is kept clean and never associated with her real identity.

Here’s how she would achieve maximum anonymity:

1:  Purchase coins from an exchange
2. Mix bitcoins using a bitcoin mixer
3. Deposit mixed coins to a darkweb market of choice

Now… in the event she was left with change, or has a balance in her darkweb market wallet.. she will then:

4. Withdraw change (to a fresh wallet or directly to a Bitcoin mixing service)
5. Mix coins
6. Sell coins

There are many variations following this similar theme, be sure to carefully compare mixing services before choosing one, as you will be putting your balance into the hands of the people who run the service. This is a big responsibility.

For more information about mixing services, extra precautions to take, and DIY mixing methods read the full guide here: How To Mix Bitcoin


  1. the government has no right knowing what we use our bitcoin for. i only use cash or bitcoin these day and soon it will only be bitcoin

  2. I have a friend who purchased bitcoins through his bank account on coinbase. This friend wants t o purchase something online that may be illegal in some areas of the world. Can someone recommend the easiest noob friendly bitcoin mixer to ensure the bitcoins are not linked to this friend?


    1. the most simplest is BTCBlender.com and they delete full logs after you are done. you just enter the address you want to receive the clean coin at and it’s as simple as that.

      i assume he knows how to use TOR already? if not he better learn and only buy his product from .onion sites. i recommend using the .onion version of btcblender which is: http://blndr4azr2dizj2c.onion/ for extra anonymoity

      good luck and dont be stupid

      1. @g8b8 Thanks for the reply. Actually ended up using the service CoinMixer.de but will have him try the BTC Blender website next time he needs something 😉

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